Greetings from IIDA’s Newest Intern!

Hi everyone! My name is Vicky Guerrero, and I am lucky enough to be newest Communications and Marketing Intern at IIDA! In my next few months at IIDA, I really hope to gain a plethora of invaluable experience, and look forward to doing my absolute best on the job, including blogging right here!

I’m a junior at Loyola University Chicago, with a history and communications double major. Originally, I’m from the somewhat small town of Oswego, about an hour out of Chicago, and have always wanted to move to the city. I have one younger sister who is almost 15 (oh those teenage years!) and my mom and dad, who I miss dearly, but luckily they visit me often!

  My Sister and I at Christmas (i’m on the left!)

My hobbies include writing (I’m currently working on my first script), and eating, which sounds strange, but I like to incorporate it with my writing. I have a blog dedicated solely to the love of pizza, which I’ve neglected a bit lately, so I’m really hoping to show it some loving again once summer rolls around! I’m also hoping to possibly expand it to restaurants outside of pizza as well.

Being a college student, the workload can get quite brutal at times, and so for those tough school work nights, I love when they consist of baking cookies and sipping on wine with my roommates. I feel that life is all about enjoying the little things!

I’m new to the interior design field, but ready to dive in share with you what I learn along the way.  I have immense respect for the profession, and look forward to learning more about it in the coming months.

Thanks so much for reading about me, and I look forward to posting additional blog posts soon!


2 responses to “Greetings from IIDA’s Newest Intern!

  1. Several Starry Nights

    I hope you have a great experience at IIDA! I was once the Communication and Marketing Intern and loved every minute of it. It definitely opened up doors for me after I graduated college. I wish you the best of luck in your new position ❤

  2. Hi! So nice to hear from someone who was once in my position! I’m loving it so far! Thank you very much for wishing me luck! I appreciate it!

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