How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Would you want to look at your own resume?  If the answer is no, then it may be time to update your layout.  A new study from TheLadders has found that the average recruiter will only spend 6 second looking at your resume.  6 seconds.  You may not even have blinked once in that open time. 

 Eyetracker technology was used to record exactly what a recruiter looked at in a resume.  So how do you make your resume stand out above the rest?  The key is to grab your potential employers attention span. 

  • Take note of what the job description is seeking and tailor your resume to attract the most attention to those particular spots.   
  • Use the right typography and white space in order for the eye to be drawn to those parts of your resume. 
  • Big blocks of texts were shown to be completely glossed over. 

 Need more tips? Check out the resources at your schools’ career center that will have resources available to help you create the right design to fit your career experience.  But we’re fans of the creative approach like this student’s resume. However, don’t just build your resume around the first template you find.  For example, a resume layout that has been used by a senior executive who graduated 25 years ago may not be your best choice.  Make sure to scour through a variety of options before picking the one right for you.

So want to stand out in six seconds?  Learn more here:.


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