Could This Be The New Frontier of Job Hunting?

In our last post, we talked about how to make your resume better.  We told you that most recruiters only spend 6 seconds on your resume!  Kind of discouraging isn’t it?  Well, it may even be possible that in the near future you may not even need a resume anymore—at least not in the traditional sense. 

What you’re doing online this very second could be the key to job success!  A new start-up based out of Jacksonville, Florida called Path.To is pioneering the movement to not only match you up with your best job, but employers to their best candidates—all by your internet activity.  On their own blog, they call themselves the “e-harmony for jobs.”  The company stresses the benefits that you, the job-seeker, get from using their service.  This includes even small details such as your workplace dress code preference, and what sorts of benefits you expect a job to provide for you.      

Users of social media sites such as GitHub and Dribble, which are aimed at the design industry, will find this especially helpful, as the site aims at specifically incorporating these sites.  However, your Facebook and Twitter accounts won’t go unnoticed.  Path.To uses your public updates to determine how well known you may be, and how much passion you could bring to the industry in which you may be hired for. 

Path.To stresses once again to us the importance of maintaining our cyber footprints.  Depending on the success of Path.To, job hunting techniques like this may become the new norm.   


3 responses to “Could This Be The New Frontier of Job Hunting?

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  2. – very interesting blog to find a job

  3. A million thanks for posting this intoamrfion.

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