Pain Free Ways to Stay Productive Over the Summer

I know. I get it.  It’s July and the last thing on our minds is probably school or our future career—or at least we pretend that it’s not in our thoughts.  But there are plenty of painless ways to stay productive over the summer!

  • Work on Your Online Portfolio-  Whether your studying Interior Design, business management, a combination of the two or almost anything really, an online portfolio is now an essential part of the rat race.  Sure, you may not yet be asked for it at every interview, but wouldn’t you rather say you have it?  Having one comprehensive place that displays your best work in one easy to access place is invaluable. Check out Wix, they offer creative templates for easy to make online portfolios.  Bonus: Most of it’s free!
  • Make a Job Hunt Routine- Whether you’re seeking full-time employment or an internship opportunity, make it a habit to check your resources regularly.  Resources include your schools’ internship database and checking in with your local IIDA chapter for leads.  It doesn’t have to be on a daily basis, but make it a habit to check every Tuesday and  Thursday—as long as you have a schedule that works for you. Letting time slip away and not checking for new opportunities could easily set you up for missed connections
  • Learn the Ins and Outs of LinkedIn- Or even just make one if you haven’t done so yet.  LinkedIn is a vast land that can be learned over time, a lot of times by simply using it, other times by typing in “How to use LinkedIn…” on google.  One thing is simple: Connect with those you know, especially if they are in your industry.  Start there and run with it.  Make sure to keep in touch with the connections you make, otherwise, what’s the point?
  • Get Inspired- Simple enough, right?  There are a ton of little things around us daily that can inspire us.  There are entire blogs dedicated to getting you off the couch and into your dreams.  Just take a moment to breath it all in and to smell the flowers.  It is still summer after all!

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