An Ode to Back to School: Senior Year

Recently, I received an e-mail from, alerting me that my free one-year student prime membership would soon be expiring.  To me, this meant the horror of no longer having free shipping.  Despite that fact that it is only July, I frantically began thinking about the books I needed for my classes—I really, really don’t enjoy paying for shipping.

But as the story came up amongst friends in casual conversation over the past few days, literally everyone told me to stop talking about it.  They were either in summer school and didn’t want to think about more school, or were enjoying, relaxing and not thinking about school at all.  This left me somewhat puzzled—was it that dreadful thought about our final year in school?  Was it fear?  I can relate to these mixed feelings of sadness, imagining the final days of an undergraduate career slipping away, or just the anxiety of what feels like yet one more exhausting work year ahead.

I sense that many of you out there are in that same position—these jumbled emotions of being excited, ready to begin your careers, but still wanting to hold onto that last precious piece of juvenility.  Why not take this last year in stride?  There is something refreshing about feeling like an actual student, one last time.  The summer preceding your senior year is the turning point in which you start thinking about how you are to advance your career, particularly through internships.  I would imagine and hope that many of you are currently interning or are looking to begin that process soon.

I feel that many of you in this position would agree—just having that small taste of what the “real world” will be like, no matter how much you’re looking forward to new opportunities.  It truly makes you cherish that last year when your top priority is still as simple as making the grade.


One response to “An Ode to Back to School: Senior Year

  1. I think it’s a sign of maturity to think ahead and keep working on what you love over the summer. After all, in the “real world” there is no summer vacation. I know I’ve been interning, working, and have already begun my Senior Capstone Project (to get ahead of the game) this summer.

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