Here at “I ❤ ID,” the official IIDA Student and Emerging Professionals blog, we’re thrilled to bring you a new series of regular guest blog posts from Colorado State University IIDA Campus Center president Kaylyn Schmer.

Kaylyn Schmer

On Monday August 20th, I started my senior year at ColoradoStateUniversity. All summer I had been prepping for my capstone. I was researching, sketching, writing and loving every minute of it. People would ask me what I was doing over the summer and I would tell them that I was preparing for my senior year. I would always get strange looks, and people would ask why I just didn’t take the summer off. It never occurred to me that I should take time off this summer, or any summer. Why should I take a break from something that I love? Why wouldn’t I make the most of the three months of glorious sun and a light class load?

To me, there is nothing more electrifying than being excited about what you are doing. This brings us back to the drive of passion from one of my previous blog posts, yet this can only take you so far. Once you are passionate about something, you need a little perseverance and dedication to reach your goals.

This idea became more clear to me in a recent job interview. The person that interviewed me was perplexed by everything that I had managed to cram into my college career. I simply said that I am dedicated to what I love, and that happens to be Interior Design. After discussing this with a few of my accomplished peers, it has become evident that not many people expect such focus or dedication out of someone who is just a “student.”

It always takes me by surprise that people expect so little of students. The majority of design students that I have met have been not only exceptionally creative, but determined and driven as well. I am disappointed that the dedicated and ambitious students are the exception to the rule. However, I am proud to be part of such a creative and high achieving group. So, let’s prove our worth as design scholars, and strive to be a group of capable young professionals.

But, what if you don’t know your path yet? How are you supposed to dedicate yourself if you are still finding your passion? Dedicate yourself to the practice of learning, researching, and gaining more knowledge. There is always something new to learn, and always ways to improve yourself. Do your best to not pass up any opportunity, and make sure you are open to ideas, all of the time. Who knows, through all of your discoveries and new experiences, you may just find the path to where you’re meant to be!

If you are interested contacting Kaylyn or guest blogging for “I ❤ ID,” please shoot Victoria Guerrero, Communications Intern at IIDA Headquarters an e-mail by  filling out the form below.  We’d love to hear from you!


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