The 3 Easiest Ways to Add a Special Touch to Your Dorm

It’s easy to walk into a Target or Walmart and grab checklist that’ll tell you exactly what you need for a great year.  While these lists are helpful, they won’t always tell you about style and functionality.  You’ve got your own kind of style, and we’re here to give you some fun tips on how to best unleash it.

  • A super fun project I’ve seen a lot of friends embark on is hanging photos from a decorative ribbon or even a fish wire to create a close line display across a large wall

Photos on a wire can decorate an entire wall

  • You might not be able to paint your dorm, but adding color through a fun rug, wall decal, and quilts help keep things lively

Aside from decals, you can add a personal touch, like the homemade t-shirt on this wall

  • Old calendars can really be your best friend.  Often they’ll feature absolutely gorgeous, glossy high quality images that you can easily frame or hang on your wall to make a collage.

A Paris-themed locker size calendar from a prior year provided a fun reminder of this student’s goal to travel to Paris, and right on her dresser!


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  1. Excellent 🙂 We have to see this in future 🙂

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