IIDA would like to announce its inaugural “Clash of the Classics!” This tournament of personal taste pitches classically well-known and inventive chairs against each other with you, the voters, choosing which classic chair owns the throne.

Here’s how it works:

  • 16 chairs are arranged in a bracket with two chairs squaring off in each match-up (shown below)
  • Voting will take place on the IIDA DesignMatters blog with IIDA’s Facebook and blog followers choosing which chair they like more, and the chair with the most votes advances to the next round
  • The final match-up, slated for March 29th, will determine which chair owns the throne



Schedule of Rounds:

  • Round 1 = March 19 + 20
  • Round 2 = March 21 + 22
  • Round 3 = March 27 + 28
  • Championship = March 29

It’s IIDA’s twist on March Madness, and we can’t wait to get started. Stay tuned next week on Tuesday, March 19th when we kick off the First Round!

Please note: chairs do not reflect IIDA’s endorsement of any designer, company or manufacturer.


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  3. iu, – Nie należy. – Ja muszę… Rosemary – wyjąkał
    Frodo bezradnie. – Ja…
    Wagner pokręcił czaszką.
    – Figa jej nie jest – mruknął bezgłośnie.
    – Owo urządzenie mechaniczne… Frodo spojrzał
    nieprzytomnie. – Co ty pier… – zaczął – Wagner, on ją.

    – Nico jej nie jest… – powtórzył Wagner. Odłożył broń również wspomógł niziołkowi
    powstać. – Ujrzyj…
    Mariszka siedziała na tapczanie. Nie zadała samemu chociażby

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